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DSIGOM Beta v. 1.01
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FAQs and Comments
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FAQs Comments and Suggestions:

The followings were suggested by Jesse Riggan at CDS of Duke University.

"In the format line the ID variable needs to be skipped. This is confusing since you can define the ID variable in the program, without any effect on the latter variables."

"The documentation should note that the program is extremely sensitive to case, extra spaces, etc. in filenames and such."

"When you are entering variables it would be nice if the program would do a frequency on the variable and then ask how you want each value to be identified. You could then attach a previously defined format to it or customize one. This would eliminate the problem of undefined values turning up later, and if a value is out of range it will (should) be obvious at that point." (Suggested by Marvin Mulder at CDS of Duke University)

"I think it would be helpful to have the ability to copy outcome sets from one project to another within the DSIGOM application - I was able to do this successfully by just copying the .set file, but I think this feature would be appreciated by users." (Suggested by Karin Willert from University of South Carolina)

Many thanks to our Beta users who have not only reported "bugs" but also made comments and suggestions that will be the baseline of our next release. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Please email them to Thanks in advance.

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